Pico Laser in Singapore

Pico Laser is not a brand or machine, but a type of laser technology that is widely used to treat pigmentation and helps with skin rejuvenation to improve the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines and dull skin.

Pico Laser is a gentle pigment laser that is FDA approved which makes it safe for use with no risks of complications and long recovery.

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Benefits of Pico Laser in Singapore

Pigmentation removal

Reduce pore and acne

Brighten dull skin tone

Minimal downtime

Single session for results

Treatment by doctor

What is Pico Laser for?

Pico Laser is effective for removing stubborn pigmentations such as Melasma, Freckles, Solar Lentigo, Hori’s Nevus, Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) and even tattoos.

Pico Laser is also used for skin brightening to even out dull skin or lighten dark skin areas such as underarms or inner thighs. This laser technology also helps to stimulate collagen growth which helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

How does Pico Laser work?

Pico Laser is a non-ablative pigment laser that fires at ultra-short picosecond laser pulses, which is one trillionth of a second. Unlike traditional nanosecond lasers, Pico Laser produces less photo-thermal effect (less heat on skin) as more short bursts of concentrated energy are fired in each second. This exposes your skin to lesser irritation and downtime. 

Pico Laser also has a higher photo-acoustic effect (more energy delivered), allowing pigments to shatter into the smallest possible fragments to be easily removed by your body’s immune system. This potentially means, you may need fewer treatments to effectively remove stubborn pigmentation. 

How does Pico Laser rejuvenate the skin?

Pico Laser uses the MicroLens Array (MLA) handpiece that concentrates laser energy to  deliver microbeams in a fractionated pattern to produce micro injuries under your skin. This triggers natural skin healing and stimulates collagen and elastin production in skin without damaging skin layers, resulting in minimal downtime and side effects.

Stimulation of collagen and elastin will help to improve skin appearance by reducing acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, achieving a younger looking skin.

Pico Laser and Q-switched Laser

The difference between Pico Laser and Q-switched Laser is the pulse duration, which is the time a laser shot stays on the skin. Q-Switched Laser fires at nanoseconds, while Pico Laser fires at picoseconds which is x100 shorter. This means more laser shots can be fired per second to break down pigments into much smaller fragments for your body to easily clear at a faster rate. Fewer sessions will be needed to see results. 

An overview on Pico Laser Singapore

Treatment Duration

10 – 20 mins

Recommended Session

5 – 10 sessions
depends on individual

Recommended Interval

3 – 4 weeks

Recovery Time

1 – 2 days

Treatment Cost


Are there side effects for Pico Laser?

Pico Laser is FDA approved in Singapore with no adverse side effects reported. This laser treatment is fully customised to your skin concerns such as pigmentation or enlarged pores, the intensity will adjust the intensity accordingly. Your skin may look flushed right after the procedure which will subside within the day. For stronger intensity, may need 1-3 days longer.

You may resume normal activities after, but please do avoid: 

  • Prolonged sun exposure and apply sunscreen
  • Active ingredients in skincare like AHA, BHA, retinol
  • Strenuous exercises and hot sauna
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FAQ on Pico Laser treatment in Singapore

Prior to the treatment, numbing cream will be applied on the face for patient comfort. Depending on your skin concerns (pigmentation, enlarged pores or dull skin etc.), our doctors will use different handpieces and settings to treat and perform the treatment. Laser procedure will take 10-15 minutes while the numbing procedure takes up to 30 minutes.

Most patients find Pico Laser tolerable without much discomfort. Numbing cream will be provided to further minimise any discomfort to make the treatment experience comfortable.

Most patients will need 3-5 sessions of Pico Laser at a monthly interval for optimal results. Some patients may see improvements as early as 1-2 weeks. Ultimately, it depends on the severity of your condition like what kind of pigmentation we are treating, how big it is and how fast your body gets rid of the pigment naturally after the treatment. 

Our doctors will assess your skin to advise on the number of laser treatments.

Most skin pigmentation will not return after removal. However, new pigmentation may develop due to sun exposure, ageing or hormonal changes. Good skin care habits and maintenance treatments are recommended to prevent new pigments from forming and to ensure long-lasting results.

Yes, you can combine Pico Laser with injection treatments like Rejuran, Profhilo or Skinboosters to maximise the effects of Pico Laser for the various types of skin concerns you may have. Speak to our doctors to find out how you can customize your treatment plan to achieve your desired result.