Rejuran S in Singapore

Rejuran S is an excellent acne scars removal treatment in Singapore. It is a more concentrated version of Rejuran Healer, specially developed to treat acne scars.

Rejuran S consists of polynucleotides (PN) derived from Salmon DNA, and these DNA fragments aid in skin healing and collagen remodelling to plump up depressed acne scars and improve overall skin texture.

  • Depressed Acne Scar
  • Uneven & Rough Skin Texture
  • Damaged Skin 

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Benefits of Rejuran S in Singapore

Plumps up acne scars

Boost skin healing

Smooth out uneven skin

Collagen stimulation

Reconstruct skin tissue

Improve skin quality

What type of acne scars does Rejuran S treat?

Rejuran S treat depressed acne scars such as boxed scars, rolling scars and ice pick scars.

Boxed scars:

Broad depressions with sharp defined edges

Rolling scars

Broad depressions with sloping edges

Ice pick scars

Deep and narrow pitted scars

How does Rejuran S work?

Rejuran S works by inducing collagen reproduction and remodelling to fill up acne scar indentations. At the same time, the polynucleotides in Rejuran S also boosts skin healing process to repair the skin at the dermis layer.

Rejuran S encourages more fibroblast to stimulate new collagen production to improve the appearance of acne scar and overall skin texture in the long run. 

How do Acne Scars form?

Acne scars are formed due to deep inflammation and cyst formation with scarring. The skin tries to heal itself after the inflammation caused by acne, producing collagen to replace damaged tissue.

Due to the lack of collagen produced during healing, which form twisted bands between skin layers that pull downwards and sink in to form depressed acne scars.

Is Rejuran S treatment painful?

Rejuran S treatment involves manual injections, using a tiny needle to inject at the targeted areas of the face where acne scarring is present. This may feel like tiny ant bites but mostly well-tolerated with minimal discomfort. Numbing cream will be applied on treatment areas before the injections to ensure a comfortable experience.  

An overview on Rejuran S Singapore

Treatment Duration

45 mins

Recommended Session

3 – 4 sessions

Recommended Interval

4 weeks

Recovery Time

1 – 3 days

Treatment Cost

$600 per syringe (2ml)

Are there side effects for Rejuran S?

There are no adverse side effects for Rejuran. Most patients notice small little bumps that resemble tiny mosquito bites all over the face after the procedure due to the superficial placement of Rejuran Healer under the skin. This will generally go away after 2-3 days.

Other possible side effects are mild redness and swelling, which will subside in 1-3 days. Needle marks will resolve in a few hours. It is advisable to avoid makeup for the first 24 hours to prevent any clogging of the injection site.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure, strenuous exercises and alcohol consumption to prevent further swelling on the treatment areas.

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FAQ on Rejuran S treatment in Singapore

Both Rejuran S and Rejuran Healer consist of Polynucleotides (PN) that promote skin cell growth through the stimulation of collagen to repair damaged skin. The difference is in their texture and concentration. Rejuran S is more concentrated and more viscous in texture than Rejuran Healer, which makes it ideal for depressed acne scar.

Rejuran S is suitable for patients with deep acne scars such as box scars, rolling scars and ice pick scars. For patients with severe acne scarring, subcision and laser treatment may be required to combine with Rejuran S to achieve better results.

Generally 3-4 sessions of Rejuran S treatment are recommended or until the appearance of the scar is satisfactory. Each session is done 3-4 weeks apart. 

You will see visible improvement after the first treatment and with repeated treatments, the depressed scars will gradually be filled up permanently.

The collagen that is produced from Rejuran S is permanent and there will also be long-term scar improvements from on-going collagen production that last for weeks to months.

For the first 3 days after Rejuran S treatment, please take note of the post-treatment instructions to prevent prolonged downtime or side effects such as swelling or bruising at the injection sites.

  • Avoid active ingredients like AHA, BHA, Retinol and Vitamin C
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure
  • Avoid hot sauna or steam room
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Avoid strenuous exercises

It is advisable to use gentle skincare on skin, and put on sunscreen indoors and outdoors. After the skin has healed, you may resume back to normal daily routine.

Yes, it can be combined with other treatments such as Fractional CO2 Laser or subcision to maximize the effects of Rejuran S when it comes to treating acne scars. Subcision may be required to break up fibrous tissues beneath deeper scars for optimal results. 

Speak to our doctors to understand what combination would be suitable for you.